unautomate (cd) 1999
Places We Go (double cd) 2001
Hammering on Moonlight (cd) 2002
A Parade of Dusty Hobos (cd) 2003
The You Tomorrow (cd/dvd) 2004
The Elegance of Falling (cd) 2005
Alchemy (cd/dvd) 2007
A True Conductor Wears a Man (cd) Fall 2007
Duologue (cd) 2008
A Box and a Word
(cd) 2008
Turbulent Flesh (vinyl LP) 2009
A Way From the Heard (cd) 2009
Through the Lens of the Other Dimension (cd) 2010
Reverberating Apparatus (cd) 2010
Tributary (double cd) 2011
Flock (cd) 2012