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Painting "The Old Masters" in Alchemy package by Nicholas Battis, courtesy George Billis Gallery, New York

Modified painting "Table No. 12," 1998, in The Elegance of Falling package by James Hildebrandt

The You Tomorrow cover art: "Mr. B" by Elizabeth Shreve, 2000. Courtesy of Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago.

Hammering on Moonlight cover art: James Barsness: "My Suburbia," 1997-2000. Courtesy George Adams Gallery, New York

Performance photo from Alchemy by Ella Brown

Band photos from Alchemy, Elegance of Falling and A Parade of Dusty Hobos by Noah Starr

Random Touch is joined on this site by the following musicians:
Matthew Agnew on cello for "The Inherent Elegance of Falling" from The You Tomorrow

Joe Zymonas on Chapman Stick (tracks 3, 5, 7 & 9) and Roland V-Drums (track 8) from Hammering on Moonlight

Joe Zymonas on Chapman Stick/Kurzweil K2000 (tracks 1, 3 & 19) from disk 1, Places We Go

Michael Brown on vocals for "On Our Way to Iowa" from unautomate

Mastering on Alchemy, The Elegance of Falling, The You Tomorrow, A Parade of Dusty Hobos and Hammering on Moonlight by Scott Hull at Scott Hull Mastering, New York and The Hit Factory, New York

Ella Brown appears as the girl in "As Above, So Below" and "The Alchemy of Turbulence"

Emma Arnold appears as the older girl in "The Alchemy of Turbulence"

Photography utilized in "Graffiti Mobilis" by Noah Starr

Videography by Noah Starr utilized in "Screenplay, part 3, October 26, 2005"

Videography by Daniel Brown utilized in "At the Barn Piano, July 13, 2005"

Videography by Ines Sommer utilized in January 15, 2005 performance at ECC, Elgin, Illinois

Videography by Rachel Brown and Michael Brown utilized in "You Define Single File"

Video-jockey for screen projection at January 15, 2005 ECC performance and May 16, 2001 Chicago Hothouse performance by Michael Brown

Production management for January 15, 2005 ECC performance by Noah Starr

Sound engineering for January 15, 2005 ECC performance by
Tony Lazzara

The feature film "Ghost Cities" was written and directed by
Ines Sommer

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Barn Photos by John Badal and Daniel Brown

Cover photography for A True Conductor Wears a Man and Duologue by Noah Starr